Artist Eric Gill: St Helena, 1922 (Physick 1963 )

Artist Eric Gill (1882-1940): St Helena, 1922 (Physick 1963 )

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Eric Gill (1882-1940):
St Helena, 1922 (Physick 1963 )
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Lettered: "OPN" and inscribed with title, signed on the base

The original woodblock

Carved in silhouette and filled with gesso

2.5 x 1.2 in. (6.3 x 3.1 cm)

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Provenance: The Artist's own collection; Peter Cornish

Literature: Physick 1963 / The Engraved Work of Eric Gill (204)

This depiction of the saint seated, holding cross was produced as a design for a book-plate for Petra Helen Gill in 1922

A copy of the print taken from this block is in the collection of The British Museum (number 1930,0306.73) -one of two designs for book-plates printed on same sheet.

Eric Gill paid Gibbings £200 for the blocks that the Golden Cockerel Press had commissioned up to 1933.  As with others he cut many of these to sculptured shapes, filled the engraving with a gesso-like substance, and sold them or gave them away as ornaments; thus ensuring that no further prints could be taken', Christopher Skelton, (introduction to Eric Gill, The Engravings, p 13).